This is Why

Most days I dont feel like a person, nor do I look like a person. I am in shambles, barely getting dressed. There is brushed hair up out of the way. That is the norm.

I wanted to look and feel like a person today, so I decided to actually do something with my hair. It took 10-15 minutes to curl my hair.

In that time the two babies were coming in and out of the bathroom, driving me crazy because I was worried they would get burned or I would get burned.

I finished just as celaena came running to tell me Lincoln had dropped my laptop. Aahh!!

It seems to still be working. It wont close properly, but seems to be working.

So, I wont be trying to do anything with myself for a while. Everyone please pray Ben can fix the damage.

Bless this Mess

For all my aspirations of having a place for everything and a mostly orderly, clean house once we moved in, that doesn’t seem to be the way it is working out.

And my anxiety over the mess is in full force the last couple of days. I am piled in work I have to get done before the papers go to print, so I can’t stop and take an hour to clean. Eventhough I really want to, because this is my view.

And that’s after I picked some things up to continue piling on the garbage. I want a nice clean house, but I also have this view.

Two of the four beautiful children that make memories and messes, well constantly. And although I am trying to teach them to clean up after themselves and they have chores to do, I simply can not take the appropriate time to teach those things, nor do I have the patience when I have three publications 1/2 finished that go to print tonight.

So I am trying to think of all the blessings I have in this mess, and not that the mess is driving me crazy and making it hard to focus on all the work I must do.

It’s Starting to Come together

We have officially been in the house for 5 weeks today and I am just starting to feel like it is beginning to look like a home. The living room is feeling complete, for now. Pictures are starting to “appear” on the walls. The kids rooms are mostly put together.

That being said, I still feel like I have a mountain to climb before I am done. And every task takes much longer than I anticipated because we are still working on finishing somethings.

But we are slowly establishing routines here. It’s still a struggle to get the kids to put their coats, shoes, and backpacks where they go, but we will eventually have that established.

I have been vacuuming almost every morning in an effort to try and keep the house clean, but it is so time consuming! We were given a samsung remote vacuum with our appliance purchase, so I have been trying to figure out how to work it, in hopes that it could do the job for me a day or two. Still dont totally have it figured out, but it is definitely doing something.

So there you go. It’s starting to come together. We are loving our new home more and more every day.

Highs and Lows

Parenting can be frustrating and so rewarding. And did I mention frustrating?

We have been having a very up and down afternoon/evening today. All morning was pretty calm. I was able to get some cleaning done, some cooking done, some work done. It was a pretty good morning.

Around 3 o’clock the oldest two girls are supposed to start getting ready for gymnastics. That was a struggle. Everytime I sent them to get dressed, they started playing. They finally get dressed and dont want to let me put their hair up. I ask 12 times for them to put shoes and coats on, finally when I was standing next to one of them pretty much screaming before they would acknowledge my existence so we could walk out the door, I decided i was done. No gymnastics. Go clean your rooms.

We finish dinner and the kids are all about helping. They clear the table, empty the dishwasher, one reloads the dishwasher, the other dries and puts handwashing away, one vacuums while the other spot cleans the floor. It was really nice. I let all four kids snuggle and watch a show before bed to show my appreciation of their efforts.

Then I walk upstairs to put them all to bed to find the play room like this;

One of the sofa pillows had a hole in it and they decided to spread the stueffing eeverywhere. I mean this is just the play room, but there is white fluff acfross the entire upstairs kid zone.

I will admit it is partially my fault for miplacing the hardware and not being able to put the sofa together for them in the 3 weeks we have been in the house. But seriously!! I just finally got enough things unpacked and put away to be able to cook and feel like we aren’t surrounder by crap.

So… instead of staying up to make the pumpkin rolls the kiddos wanted for breakfast, I will be restuffing sofa cushions and hopefully putting it together so that I do t need to do this again tomorrow.

So Tired, but we are getting there

Wow, it has been a crazy few weeks. We have officially been in the new house for 2 weeks. We are still trying to find things and unpack and put this place together. It’s not functioning as well as it might, but we are all so happy to be in a nice warm house, sleeping in comfy beds, instead of the cramped trailer. Ben and I keep joking that he cured my desire to go camping for life.

As i said, we are still working on things. But we are making strides. I have a pantry, mostly. I have a closet, kinda. And I am starting to find our things and decide what has a home here and what will be going. So far, it looks like we are going to have a fantastic yard sale next spring.

The biggest accomplishment for me is that we are finally finding some normalcy which is allowing me to be able to set some routines with the kids. Today I was able to read with both girls, 20 min each! I haven’t been able to do that in over a year.

Getting to that place in our journey is finally starting to make me feel like this entire adventure really was worth it. We are going to have such a great life here together.

It’s a Lot

It seems like I an writing about my anxiety a lot these days. But I am feeling it a lot these. There is a lot going on. Running a newspaper, raising 4 children, building a house (still isnt done), and today it the llama show.

Today is probably the worst I have felt. I am a shaking, trying to deep breath and not have a panic attack mess up here today.

There are too many reasons to talk about, but let’s just say there is a lot of baggage that goes with me sitting here today, and most of it I cant solve and therefore I sit here, trying not to hold it together.

I know that people can tell, which makes it a little worse. I want to be my usual smiling, happy, sociable self, but I just cant with everything I am thinking and feeling today.

I am telling myself to just breath and get through it. I am forcing myself to focus on the job before me, and not all the “bad.”

I have anxiety, and as much as I want to crawl in a hole there are people that need me, responsibilities that I cant pass off or walk away from. So I just have to somehow get through this day, and then tomorrow, and then the next.

Just keep breathing and get through it.

The Rollercoaster House Build is Almost Over

The last few weeks, as issues and delays arise, I keep telling myself, “It’s almost over.” The last two and a half years of struggling, fighting, and working so hard toward this dream of building our family a forever home is finally coming to a close. We are about to be able to make memories and enjoy what we have stressed over for so long.

To me, this part almost seems harder that every other hiccup. Right now it feels like every delay equals one more week our finish date is pushed out. One more week that my family of six squishes in our 35 foot trailer. I don’t think any of will ever want to go camping in it now.

I am glad that we are seeing daily progress, mostly, but I am SO ready to be in there, unpacked, listening to my children giggle and run. Although the running will also drive me a little.

I know that we will all look back on this time and remember all the fun and wonder of it. But right now I just want everyone to show up and get this house done!!