Broken and Broken

In my previous post I introduced you to Obi. A 16 week old english bulldog. But to really understand where are hearts are I have to tell you about D’artanian.

This was the little guy we had our hearts set on as a play mate for Cornigail. They said he was sweet, spunky, and one of the best pops the breeder had encountered. However, we werent able to get him right away and a terrible accident occurred. An older. Blind bulldog mistook the puppy for another animal and mauled him. He didnt survive.

But we still went and got Cornigail. It became clear to us that she wanted a dog companion to play with, wrestle with, be with. Dundee, being 14, was not interested in that role.

It took weeks to find anything that we were even remotely interested in. Then comes this guy….

Honestly, I was more interested in his brother, but I couldnt afford him. I had to work extra to afford him. He is a special color. But if I was able to breed him to Cornigail in the future I could maybe make the money back.

The breeder said he was ridiculously sweet. Exactly what I was looking for. So we decided to go for it.

When we picked him up we had some initial misgivings. But he had been in a car for 4.5 hours. So we gave the benefit of the doubt.

We got him home and the concerns increased. His hind legs seen to be faulty. The more we watched him and tried to take him outside the more we realized he is completely incontinent. He literally cant tell when he needs to pee or poo and cant help but leak both constantly.

I scheduled an appointment for him to go to the Vet where we found out he has a degenerative biological defect. His pain will only increase as he grows. He will never get better.

So after only a few days with this amazing puppy we, along with the breeder, must make the agonizing choice to put him down.

As you can imagine our family, our children especially are devastated. I had done research, spoke with several breeders. Thought I had chosen well.

Turns out that the breeder had utilized a stud that hadn’t had the full spectrum of tests or had inaccurate health tests. This is why english bulldogs can be so expensive and why it is important to ask hard questions. I had, and still ended up in this situation.

We are grateful for the time that we have shared with him. Happy that he was able to have a family that loved him, even if it was only for a short while. And devastated at our loss.

Goodbye sweet boy.


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