Quarantine Check In

I have been wanting to write for the last few weeks that we have been under this stay at home order, but the right words just won’t come to me.

That sums up this time in “quarantine” fairly perfectly. I have wanted to do many things but I either don’t have the energy or time to complete any extra tasks or activities.

But this morning it is all hitting me. I am working so hard to keep my company alive, to keep my children alive, to keep the world we once knew alive.

But I am struggling. Thats something really hard for me to say, because I believe that people should help themselves to change and enrich their life, but with everything happening right now that isn’t a choice.

I can’t someone make more to help my family. I can’t change directions to help my family. I just need to struggle through with less. And strive to not lose all that we have built.

I just don’t know how, yet.


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