Might Be Goodbye…

For the last 13.5 years I have had the pleasure of being dog mom to the most incredible animal I have ever met.

Dundee at 6 months old

Dundee is an Australian shepherd. From the moment I first tussled my hands in his fluffy hair I was entranced by him.

He has been by my side pretty much ever since. As a companion, comfort, urging me to play. He has also been the best dog to all four of our children. Allowing them to lay on him, ride him around, hug him, and generally be irritating. He has tolerated every moment with grace until the opportunity to quietly remove himself to my side has come.

Now, at almost 14, we are awaiting test results to decide what my be the most heartbreaking thing I will have to do. He is going blind, going deaf, has the onset of Cushing’s disease(a tumor is pushing on his pituitary gland causing excess hormones wich are making him go bald, want to eat more, be really thirsty all the time, and urinate more frequently)- all of which he could live with comfortably.

Dundee today, at almost 14

However he has lost 25 pounds since his last appointment. I am praying the test results show a reason, because the alternative would be a mass blocking his ability to properly digest his food.

I have said all of that to say, I really hate being in limbo. I hate not knowing and not being able to process. The fear of the unknown, especially with those I love.

I hope to have more time with him, although it may be selfish on my part. We have had a wonderful run together, but I am not ready to say goodbye yet.


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