Social Distancing doesn’t mean don’t help

I was at the store yesterday to restock a few things, baking with 10 kids is running down my flour and sugar fairly quickly, and encountered a woman who was trying to help an elderly gentleman get into a pickup truck. My sister and I were parked right next to them, so we stood back to give them both appropriate space, you know the minimum of 6 feet, and feel like they had the grace to take their time.

As I was watching, I realize that they are struggling. Getting the weak older man into the truck was far more than the woman had bargained for.

I decide to step in and offer assistance. I am certainly strong enough to be helpful. Initially the man didnt trust my strength, and was getting more and more frustrated at his situation. As my sister ran into the store to try and get more help, person after person were walking by, averting their eyes, not inclined to help.

I get it. We are supposed to be staying away from others. I was risking being contaminated and risking contaminating these strangers. It could mean something catastrophic later. If any of us are infected or carriers.

But none of that seemed like a good enough reason to leave two humans standing there to struggle and fend for themselves when I was perfectly capable of easing the situation.

We ended up using one of the buckets I had purchased that day as a stool, and heaved the man into the truck where he could finally rest and relax for a moment.

The woman, who I feel must have felt desperate, hugged me. In this time of fear where we are told to distance ourselves this stranger hugged me.

It made me wonder how many others have bee. Passed by that could have used a little assistance because we felt it was better to stay away.

I, for one, will not be standing back and ignoring those around me if/when they may need some help. If I am capable I will do what I can. Because that is what makes us a community. It’s what makes us not just people, but good people. I would urge the all of you to do the same.


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