Let it Snow

So…. winter waited until now to arrive here at Wick Land Ranch. Right when framing was supposed to start, right when I am crunched at deadline.

But it is still coming! And while everyone is all over Facebook with their “I’m sick of this snow,” I am so excited. Because this is my slow week.

That means I get to enjoy this snow and play outside with my kids. I cant even tell you how much fun we have had with this precious time.

Snowmen ✔

Sledding ✔

Snowball Fight ✔

So cold we cant feel our faces ✔

Hot chocolate ✔

Dont get me wrong, I am also looking forward to Spring. But for right now I am relishing in the experiences we get to have now. In this beautiful snow.


Who needs Valentine’s Day

Whether you are married, dating someone, single or anywhere in between, it seems Valentine’s Day or anniversaries hold a special meaning for many.

Most of you may not understand when I say “It’s just another day.” Ben will be attending to his council duties and should make it back in time to help me tuck kids into bed.

We wont be celebrating in the traditional sense. We wont be going out to dinner, or doing anything super romantic. I dont need an overly dramatic holiday.

But when I say “it’s just another day” i mean it. It’s another day of both of us working hard, for each other. It another day of us taking care of each other. It’s another day of picking up whatever slack there may be for the other. It is another day of doing what needs to be done for each other and showing each other with our actions and conviction how we care.

I don’t need a “special” day, because, quite honestly, every day with Ben is pretty amazing. He does what he can most days to show me and his family the strength and magnitude of his love. One day wouldnt be enough.

Which is great because I dont need the one day. Especially when I have the lifetime.

Birthday Weekend

It has taken me a while to get this post put together, but I really want to remember the wonderful weekend we had.

Everything in life has been to frustrating lately my husband decided we needed a change of scenery for my birthday weekend and booked us a room at Silver Mountain.

If you have never been, I would highly recommend. I have never skied, but the waterpark is definitely worth a weekend trip.

We had a wonderful time in the waterpark as a family. And my best friend even tagged along!

After all that fun in the waterpark we retreated to our room for a movie/pizza night. Everyone was so glad to be out of the trailer, it was amazing.

As an extra bonus, my husband was so happy at the hotel, he didnt want to go back to the trailer. So we packed up to come home and literally moved home to our house (that still didn’t finalize a sale). And have been there warm and happy ever since!

We are finally Building a house!!

After a long, gruelling, emotional process we have finally closed our loan and will be building our dream house!!

After a year of trying to figure everything out we are finally restarting construction. It is amazing to see them doing work again. Window wells went in for the basement and power is in. Look for more updates, I am even thinking about videos to remember the process.

Favorite Snacks

So, I thought it might be fun to share my kids favorite snacks. I have 4 hungry monsters running around constantly acting as if they are starving. I am fortunate that they are amazingly good eaters. Here are their favorite snacks.

1. Crispy Fruit. There is only one grocery store in town that carries these gems, but they are so worth the trip. My kids love every flavor, and Celaena (the two year old) will each multiple bags of them at a time if you let her. They are crispy, but easily dissolved, so Lincoln can even partake. The best thing? No added sugar, just delicious fruit.

2. Apples. You never go wrong with an apple. They will eat multiple a day if given free range. They like them plain, dipped in peanut butter or “apple dip.”

It’s Been a Long Winter

Well, we have hardly had any snow, but it’s cold. It’s definitely winter. We have managed to play in snow a total of once so far.

I am finally starting to get our of my pear pregnancy funk and get my patience and motivation back. Still feel like I want to cry all the time, but I am still saying I am finally doing better.

It’s been really hard dealing with seasonal depression mixed with the post partum depression I was already battling. With all the struggles we are going through in life right now every day has been a battle to get up and try to be the mom and person I want to be, even though i feel like hibernating till eternity.

I really feel like diffusing oils has been helping. I have cut back my sugar intake profusely, and been deep breathing a lot. What tricks do you use that I should try?

They Continue to Grow

Every day I look up at these for beautiful children, driving me crazy, and wonder “where is the time going?” I didn’t get to spend as much time with them yesterday as I would have liked and now they are an entirely new person.

Seriously when did they learn how to open the fridge and strip themselves?

It keeps giving me anxiety. Am I teaching them what they need? Am I spending enough time with them? Am I doing my best for them?

These beautiful beings are my legacy. They are the most important work I will ever do and the greatest gift I have ever recieved.

They also are the most stressful, exhausting, choas I have ever encountered. But they are mine. I am doing my best to make them strong people with large hearts and the ability to laugh.

I hope I am soaking in the moments with them because they are fleeting. What are some things you do, or have done, with your children that I should try top make memories with mine?