Life feels good today

This week has been a hectic one. Started with two days of newspaper deadline, then delivery, and now trying desperately to play catch up with all of the chores that go to the wayside while I make sure that papers get done and go out.

But right now I am ‘fighting’ with kids to clean their rooms, folding the massive amount of laundry so it can get put away, and have already cleaned out and scrubbed the garage to move the new turkeys to their temporary spot.

But somehow today I feel content. I dont feel the usual anxiety and stress. I may be fighting but I am not yelling or getting worked up. I still mostly feel calm.

I just looked up to see this and realized today I am allowing them to all feel this calm. I wish that every day I could feel this so that i could be this person i am right now.

I am going to keep working towards that.


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