School is in for 2020

This winter break has definitely had it its ups and downs. We have had lots of playing and fun. Some stress, some family time, some presents, and accomplished some chores at the house. We also had a stomach bug make it’s way through all six of us, which was not fun.

The girls were really excited to be healthy and going back to school this morning. They went to bed pretty instantly last night and were excited to see their friends.

But this morning I was finally let in on the ideas of grandeur for their back to school images for the day. Both wanted dresses, sweaters, hair done, and heels. They also wanted to bicker with each other…. about everything.

I quickly put away the heels, which are not appropriate for school and went about hustling them to get through the the list they wanted to accomplish to be ready for school today.

Had I known each was going to want a crown braid….and curls….and bows I probably would have woken them up earlier. It’s late start and we could have had time.

As it was, not knowing, I did my best to accomplish each child’s requests.

To say the very least it was a rough morning. Babies wanted to sit on me while I was trying to manipulate peices of hair into a crown braid on one child. She cried and whined the entire time, because she wouldnt sit still and kept pulling her own hair. But she wanted the braid.

The second child wanted a similar crown braid, but with hair left down so it could be curly. However I only had 10 minutes before the bus was supposed to be here.

I hurried as best I could finished just as my phone notified us the bus was around the corner. We barely threw on shoes and coats in time to run outside as the bus was pulling in the driveway.

It’s only 9:00 am and I already need a nap for the day.


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