This has been a rough week

Let me start by saying, although I am going to limit this post to the happenings of the last week, my family has had multiple sicknesses go through our home since Thanksgiving.

One week ago I thought we were all on the mend. The bigger girls seemed like they were finally feeling better and would be able to return to school after being home for a week with influenza b.

Then lincoln woke early from a nap screaming. He was inconsolable. My mom suggested taking him to a doctor, because he is usually a very happy baby.

When we were finally able to see the doc at the closest minor emergency we found he had a double ear infection. The tylenol he had been taking for the flu was masking the infection, but it was too bad for tylenol to continue covering up.

The next couple of days were difficult. Lincoln didnt want to take the medicine. He just wanted to be held. And it was deadline at the newspaper. With everyone being sick the last week I was already horribly behind. And Ben was out of town.

So when the weekend came, I was hoping to try and catch up. However, Ben had found the desk he had been searching for second hand to put together his new Mayors office. So he spent the morning in Clarkston while I wrangled kids and worked.

My sister was kind enough to take the kiddos for a while so I could focus, but then Ben returned with his desk. So we went to city hall to set everything up. This ended up taking 4.5 hours due to lack of keys to remove a door post blocking our ability to move the desk inside.

After staying up late the night before to work I was exhausted Sunday. But I still had lots more to do. Ben was home to spend time with the kids while I tried to hammer through the papers. And did I mention I also needed to get flyers for the local school levy to the post office to be mailed?

However Ben became very sick. Since he was scheduled to go out of town the next day the kids and I tried to let him sleep as much as possible. I was up late again trying to get through the papers so Ben could edit before leaving the next day.

While I was working that night I recieved a message from a breeder we were getting a puppy from. We spoke Monday morning, where I was informed that there had been a horrible accident and my puppy had been mauled by another dog.

Needless to say it was very difficult to focus on my job and get the paper completed for print. Somehow I was able to get both papers done, all the children are healthy, and we are through deadline ready to tackle delivery and whatever else life brings.


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