The Pool is Open!

The weather has finally turned enough that Grandma opened her pool. Our kiddos were in line waiting for the occasion. They have been asking all fall, all winter, at least once a week, when they will be able to swim in Grandma’s pool again.

So, one sunny day, when is finally hit just over 80° F we were able to jump in. It was a little cold, but the children didn’t mind. They were so excited to be in the sun and playing in the water that they didn’t find the slight cold disagreeable in the least.

In fact they played in the pool for over an hour. Until baby brother was cold and they begrudgingly obliged our requests to get out so we could warm him up.


The Voice of Spring Fever

As the weather has been getting nicer the children have been getting antsy for outdoor activities. At least that’s what I assume is happening since they are unable to control themselves in almost any fashion inside.

Their volume has permanently increased, regardless of my pleas for then to find their inside voices.

They are fighting constantly about ridiculous things. Not quite to the “she’s touching me” stage, but it real close.

But the biggest change with this new weather is the most unsettling. As they feel the calling to go outside they start mistreating each other. They are not talking to each other kindly. They are constantly rudely snapping or yelling at each other for any little greivance.

I honestly can’t stand the way they are speaking to each other. I am hoping that as they are able to have days outside they will start finding the kindness toward each other.

Or I should say they better. Perhaps they need a day of sitting giving each other compliments and encouragement?

It’s just the Dentist

Anyone who knows me can tell you that I am an advocate for the dentist. Not just going, but enjoying the time at the dentist, it doesn’t need to be scary. And I strongly believe that little children should go to a pediatric dentist. I think having a pediatric dentist sets the ground work for a person growing having the best experience and then you (hopefully 🤞) end up like me, turning every appointment into sleep dentistry.

Today my, just turned 5 years old, daughter needed to have a cavity taken care of. All of my children seem to have inherited my lack of hearty enamel. Since she has such anxiety I knew the best option would be anesthesia.

I didn’t realize that I would be so nervous for her. I also didn’t anticipate sitting with her and the technicians holding her down as she convulsed to sleep. They had forewarned me, but it still took me aback.

After seeing that, I was asked to leave the room to let them continue; put in her IV, breathing tube, and then take care of the cavity we came here for. And now I am second guessing this entire thing. Maybe it would have been better to try and coach her through the needle poke and sit with her while they took care of the cavity?

I know it will be alright. But I’m praying just in case…… it’s just the dentist. It shouldn’t be this traumatic for both of us!

A Day I Hope to Soon Forget

Every since he said those words I have been walking. Without a clear direction, just not allowing my feet to stop moving. I dont want to feel all the pain that has been building, that I have bottled and hidden as best I can. It has led me to the water. A place I know well eventhough I have never been here before.

And now I am just broken. Kneeling in the river praying for guidance, praying for healing, praying to find a will to continue to fight. But I am tired. And I want to sing to try and feel good comfort, but I cant make the sound.

I am trying to cling to the beautiful warmth of the sun and try to allow it to fill my hollow emptiness. It is a welcome contrast to the biting cold river that circles me.

Tomorrow will be better. That is what I must keep telling myself. But I am weary of ending up right back here, inside my head, wishing for a better tomorrow. Some people never learn, and should stop wishing for a tomorrow that will never come and instead find a way to bare today.

Hopefully happiness will follow….

The Mean Mom

I have set rules and standards of conduct for my children. Be polite and kind. Do what is asked of you. Try your best always.

Really, not a difficult task. However, for a child this remains illusive at times. And when they have been given multiple opportunities to succeed and have chosen poorly there are consequences.

Sometimes those consequences are a little embarrassing for me to follow with. For instance my second child has some really great friends and loves play dates. But when you choose over the coarse of two days to continually fight with your sister instead of cleaning your room, there are consequences.

Sometimes the consequences are difficult and really upset me. For instance when my first born continually jumped on the bed and I literally took her bed apart and removed it from her room, leaving her to sleep on the floor for a week.

It is difficult to know what consequences might make your child think about their actions. Experts say to make sure the “punishment” directly corresponds to the actions. I personally find it really difficult to find appropriate consequences.

At times it feels like I am just being a mean mom. But in reality I love my children more than anything. I want them to understand what they are doing and how it is affecting themselves and the people around them. I want them to grow into good people. That’s the goal. And if I need to be mean and embarrass myself for that to happen, so be it. These children are the greatest thing I ever want to do, so it’s worth it.

Family Time in CO

Well, life has been hectic. To say the least. Construction of the new house is going, there is lots of work to be done at the newspaper, and four children to take care of.

The weather had been improving, but I am still encountering days where finding the motivation to do anything is still proving elusive. Sometimes I still want to crawl back in bed and cry.

So, we decided for spring break we were going to take a road trip to Colorado and visit some friends. It meant some long days in the car. Lots of singing to entertain baby and toddler till we reached our destinations, and so much packing and unpacking. But it was definitely worth it.

Each day we plotted stops for the children to have time to play and stretch. Hotels with pools to have fun in upon arrival each evening, made sure we had wifi, because eventhough we were on vacation there was still some work only we could take care of for the newspapers.

Along the way we took time to stop and play at Dragon Hollow Playground in Missoula, MT.

We even made time to ride one the worlds fastest carousel’s also found in Missoula, conveniently next to the playground.

We checked out three different zoos; Denver Zoo, Cheyenne Mt Zoo, and Peublo Zoo. They all had different animals to offer and different activites we were able to enjoy.

It was a wonderful spring break, although you wouldn’t know it from the weather! Leave it to us to choose a place that was colder than home for a vacation!

Let it Snow

So…. winter waited until now to arrive here at Wick Land Ranch. Right when framing was supposed to start, right when I am crunched at deadline.

But it is still coming! And while everyone is all over Facebook with their “I’m sick of this snow,” I am so excited. Because this is my slow week.

That means I get to enjoy this snow and play outside with my kids. I cant even tell you how much fun we have had with this precious time.

Snowmen ✔

Sledding ✔

Snowball Fight ✔

So cold we cant feel our faces ✔

Hot chocolate ✔

Dont get me wrong, I am also looking forward to Spring. But for right now I am relishing in the experiences we get to have now. In this beautiful snow.

Who needs Valentine’s Day

Whether you are married, dating someone, single or anywhere in between, it seems Valentine’s Day or anniversaries hold a special meaning for many.

Most of you may not understand when I say “It’s just another day.” Ben will be attending to his council duties and should make it back in time to help me tuck kids into bed.

We wont be celebrating in the traditional sense. We wont be going out to dinner, or doing anything super romantic. I dont need an overly dramatic holiday.

But when I say “it’s just another day” i mean it. It’s another day of both of us working hard, for each other. It another day of us taking care of each other. It’s another day of picking up whatever slack there may be for the other. It is another day of doing what needs to be done for each other and showing each other with our actions and conviction how we care.

I don’t need a “special” day, because, quite honestly, every day with Ben is pretty amazing. He does what he can most days to show me and his family the strength and magnitude of his love. One day wouldnt be enough.

Which is great because I dont need the one day. Especially when I have the lifetime.

Birthday Weekend

It has taken me a while to get this post put together, but I really want to remember the wonderful weekend we had.

Everything in life has been to frustrating lately my husband decided we needed a change of scenery for my birthday weekend and booked us a room at Silver Mountain.

If you have never been, I would highly recommend. I have never skied, but the waterpark is definitely worth a weekend trip.

We had a wonderful time in the waterpark as a family. And my best friend even tagged along!

After all that fun in the waterpark we retreated to our room for a movie/pizza night. Everyone was so glad to be out of the trailer, it was amazing.

As an extra bonus, my husband was so happy at the hotel, he didnt want to go back to the trailer. So we packed up to come home and literally moved home to our house (that still didn’t finalize a sale). And have been there warm and happy ever since!

We are finally Building a house!!

After a long, gruelling, emotional process we have finally closed our loan and will be building our dream house!!

After a year of trying to figure everything out we are finally restarting construction. It is amazing to see them doing work again. Window wells went in for the basement and power is in. Look for more updates, I am even thinking about videos to remember the process.