It’s just the Dentist

Anyone who knows me can tell you that I am an advocate for the dentist. Not just going, but enjoying the time at the dentist, it doesn’t need to be scary. And I strongly believe that little children should go to a pediatric dentist. I think having a pediatric dentist sets the ground work for a person growing having the best experience and then you (hopefully 🤞) end up like me, turning every appointment into sleep dentistry.

Today my, just turned 5 years old, daughter needed to have a cavity taken care of. All of my children seem to have inherited my lack of hearty enamel. Since she has such anxiety I knew the best option would be anesthesia.

I didn’t realize that I would be so nervous for her. I also didn’t anticipate sitting with her and the technicians holding her down as she convulsed to sleep. They had forewarned me, but it still took me aback.

After seeing that, I was asked to leave the room to let them continue; put in her IV, breathing tube, and then take care of the cavity we came here for. And now I am second guessing this entire thing. Maybe it would have been better to try and coach her through the needle poke and sit with her while they took care of the cavity?

I know it will be alright. But I’m praying just in case…… it’s just the dentist. It shouldn’t be this traumatic for both of us!


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