Family Time in CO

Well, life has been hectic. To say the least. Construction of the new house is going, there is lots of work to be done at the newspaper, and four children to take care of.

The weather had been improving, but I am still encountering days where finding the motivation to do anything is still proving elusive. Sometimes I still want to crawl back in bed and cry.

So, we decided for spring break we were going to take a road trip to Colorado and visit some friends. It meant some long days in the car. Lots of singing to entertain baby and toddler till we reached our destinations, and so much packing and unpacking. But it was definitely worth it.

Each day we plotted stops for the children to have time to play and stretch. Hotels with pools to have fun in upon arrival each evening, made sure we had wifi, because eventhough we were on vacation there was still some work only we could take care of for the newspapers.

Along the way we took time to stop and play at Dragon Hollow Playground in Missoula, MT.

We even made time to ride one the worlds fastest carousel’s also found in Missoula, conveniently next to the playground.

We checked out three different zoos; Denver Zoo, Cheyenne Mt Zoo, and Peublo Zoo. They all had different animals to offer and different activites we were able to enjoy.

It was a wonderful spring break, although you wouldn’t know it from the weather! Leave it to us to choose a place that was colder than home for a vacation!


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