The Mean Mom

I have set rules and standards of conduct for my children. Be polite and kind. Do what is asked of you. Try your best always.

Really, not a difficult task. However, for a child this remains illusive at times. And when they have been given multiple opportunities to succeed and have chosen poorly there are consequences.

Sometimes those consequences are a little embarrassing for me to follow with. For instance my second child has some really great friends and loves play dates. But when you choose over the coarse of two days to continually fight with your sister instead of cleaning your room, there are consequences.

Sometimes the consequences are difficult and really upset me. For instance when my first born continually jumped on the bed and I literally took her bed apart and removed it from her room, leaving her to sleep on the floor for a week.

It is difficult to know what consequences might make your child think about their actions. Experts say to make sure the “punishment” directly corresponds to the actions. I personally find it really difficult to find appropriate consequences.

At times it feels like I am just being a mean mom. But in reality I love my children more than anything. I want them to understand what they are doing and how it is affecting themselves and the people around them. I want them to grow into good people. That’s the goal. And if I need to be mean and embarrass myself for that to happen, so be it. These children are the greatest thing I ever want to do, so it’s worth it.


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