Who needs Valentine’s Day

Whether you are married, dating someone, single or anywhere in between, it seems Valentine’s Day or anniversaries hold a special meaning for many.

Most of you may not understand when I say “It’s just another day.” Ben will be attending to his council duties and should make it back in time to help me tuck kids into bed.

We wont be celebrating in the traditional sense. We wont be going out to dinner, or doing anything super romantic. I dont need an overly dramatic holiday.

But when I say “it’s just another day” i mean it. It’s another day of both of us working hard, for each other. It another day of us taking care of each other. It’s another day of picking up whatever slack there may be for the other. It is another day of doing what needs to be done for each other and showing each other with our actions and conviction how we care.

I don’t need a “special” day, because, quite honestly, every day with Ben is pretty amazing. He does what he can most days to show me and his family the strength and magnitude of his love. One day wouldnt be enough.

Which is great because I dont need the one day. Especially when I have the lifetime.


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