A Day I Hope to Soon Forget

Every since he said those words I have been walking. Without a clear direction, just not allowing my feet to stop moving. I dont want to feel all the pain that has been building, that I have bottled and hidden as best I can. It has led me to the water. A place I know well eventhough I have never been here before.

And now I am just broken. Kneeling in the river praying for guidance, praying for healing, praying to find a will to continue to fight. But I am tired. And I want to sing to try and feel good comfort, but I cant make the sound.

I am trying to cling to the beautiful warmth of the sun and try to allow it to fill my hollow emptiness. It is a welcome contrast to the biting cold river that circles me.

Tomorrow will be better. That is what I must keep telling myself. But I am weary of ending up right back here, inside my head, wishing for a better tomorrow. Some people never learn, and should stop wishing for a tomorrow that will never come and instead find a way to bare today.

Hopefully happiness will follow….


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