The Voice of Spring Fever

As the weather has been getting nicer the children have been getting antsy for outdoor activities. At least that’s what I assume is happening since they are unable to control themselves in almost any fashion inside.

Their volume has permanently increased, regardless of my pleas for then to find their inside voices.

They are fighting constantly about ridiculous things. Not quite to the “she’s touching me” stage, but it real close.

But the biggest change with this new weather is the most unsettling. As they feel the calling to go outside they start mistreating each other. They are not talking to each other kindly. They are constantly rudely snapping or yelling at each other for any little greivance.

I honestly can’t stand the way they are speaking to each other. I am hoping that as they are able to have days outside they will start finding the kindness toward each other.

Or I should say they better. Perhaps they need a day of sitting giving each other compliments and encouragement?


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