The Rollercoaster House Build is Almost Over

The last few weeks, as issues and delays arise, I keep telling myself, “It’s almost over.” The last two and a half years of struggling, fighting, and working so hard toward this dream of building our family a forever home is finally coming to a close. We are about to be able to make memories and enjoy what we have stressed over for so long.

To me, this part almost seems harder that every other hiccup. Right now it feels like every delay equals one more week our finish date is pushed out. One more week that my family of six squishes in our 35 foot trailer. I don’t think any of will ever want to go camping in it now.

I am glad that we are seeing daily progress, mostly, but I am SO ready to be in there, unpacked, listening to my children giggle and run. Although the running will also drive me a little.

I know that we will all look back on this time and remember all the fun and wonder of it. But right now I just want everyone to show up and get this house done!!

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