It’s been a tough couple of weeks

Ever have that feeling like you don’t know whether the universe and god are trying to tell you to either work harder at something or quit because it wasn’t meant to be? That seems to be the way our life is going right now.

The house we are building is progressing, and it is wonderful to see some progress. But it took the drywall guys and extra week. Then while we were prepping and sanding they finally showed up to sand. Then the next day (we needed to let all the dust settle) they showed to clean….which we only let them half do since we didnt want them to stir up dust again. The next time a crew showed up, we sent them away.

We finally got to the point where we could get in there and paint. Ben was awesome! He sprayed everything with primer, went back to do all the ceiling and some of the main rooms….he rocked it. We didn’t quite finish, but accomplished enough to not halt production.

That evening, after we left at Round 11 pm, someone came and stole our front door. Video from our neighbors shows them pulling up front, driving away, coming back to pull around back of the house, sit there for about 6 min ( we assume to load a door) and pulling out to drive away.

The sheriff that responded the next morning when I discovered this was shocked. He said that theft from a construction site is very common, for appliances or other large tickets items that are easily loaded to “run” with. But he had never responded to a front door being stolen.

When you think about the struggle and hard work that it has taken to get here I can’t help but think “are we supposed to be doing something differently? Working harder? Or are we being silly and we are the only ones not in on the joke?”

This entire process is a lot for any person even when it goes smoothly. We have encountered more than our fair share of “bumps” for aspiring to complete this dream. At this point I can’t decide whether I am more excited for the project to be done so I don’t have to deal with these things or so that I can have the house we have worked so hard for, lol.

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