Everyone is Sick

There is one thing I never thought about when we were deciding to have children. I thought about the cost, what kind of life we wanted to have with our children. I researched car seats, doctors, schools, but never even fathomed thinking about how a week of my life could go if all of the kiddos would up catching the same bug.

Now multiply that by the last 6 weeks. I have had three bugs cycle through all 4 children, except the flu which thankfully skipped little Lincoln. Not just the children, but Ben and I as well.

We have been taking turns soothing children while taking shifts with the babies to get some sleep ourselves. Did I mention that we are sick?

Days like these are what people should experience before they decide to have children. It’s one of those moment s that makes you think about the experiences kids should encounter during health class so they will wait until they are actually ready for this.

It’s been a rough few weeks. Any suggestions for getting this family healthy?


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