Anxiety over School Safety

My oldest daughter started first grade this year. It is my first experience sending a child to public school, having her ride the bus, the entire “school thing.”

Our first day was good. I drove her to school and picked her up. She was happy about the day, just a little leary since she hadn’t made many friends yet. Totally fixable for the future.

The next day she wanted to tackle riding the bus. I was going to wait until week two, but I tend to let me children grow at their pace. So since she wanted the bus, we were all in.

Getting to school was pretty good. We followed the bus and helped her figure out school procedures. She was happy.

That afternoon I eagerly waited for her at the stop to get her off the bus, but when the bus arrived she wasn’t on it. After interrogating the bus driver I found out she had been let off at the wrong stop. I found her crying in the arms of a stranger on the side of the second busiest street in town. She had been walking the yellow line trying to get home when this kind person pulled her out of traffic.

She was terrified. I was terrified. All I could do was hug her and thank god for protecting her. This was the first time my child was not safe, and I hadn’t been there to protect her.

I had to ignore my initial instincts and keep my composure to let my child know everything was okay now. Apparently I did well enough she wanted to ride the bus again the next day. My husband and I took turns following the bus for weeks to make sure it didn’t happen again.

Fast forward to today. The school district received a threat. School is open, but in modified lock down. Will she be safe? Can I trust someone else to protect her?

I convinced her to stay home and help me with her sick siblings for the day since I also feel horrible. It What would you have done?


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