Deadline is Real

The last two weeks of each month are hectic, stressful, and frankly not very much fun for anyone around here. Its newspaper deadline and distribution which means mommy and daddy have a lot of work to do.

But children still need us. They need to talk with us. Snuggle with us. They need food and diapers changed.

All the stress makes for a very tense household, with unhappy children. My fuse is short and I dont feel like i have time to respond in what i think would be the best manner.

It makes me want to forget about the seemingly endless list of work I have to do and spend the day cuddling with my children. But that isn’t an option if I want my family to be successful.

So, I deal with the kids crying and try to tell them next week I have more time, because I do. And finish as quickly as I can to get the papers out so life can go back to “normal.”

Until the end of the next month at least….

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