My husband’s family grew pumpkins while he was growing up. With that came an annual pumpkin carving party to “use up” any pumpkins they hadn’t sold (they grew around an acre of pumpkins).

When Ben’s parents separated and we purchased our house. We kept that tradition alive. It has always been one of our favorite “chores” to go purchase a slew of pumpkins for the event every year.

Having little ones has made it even more fun. The determinations they make for the perfect pumpkin are both hilarious and awesome.

We have made a tradition of taking a picture for each of their first times on this venture. Even though we dont have a house and will be forgoing the party this year we decided to still spend an afternoon at the pumpkin patch.

It was so fun to wonder around with them choosing their perfect pumpkin. An incredible afternoon of being together.

And we needed to get the perfect photo of Lincoln for his first time.

Which one is your favorite? I will be putting it on the wall, after we have a wall again, with the three girls.


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