Days Like These

Let me start by saying I love being a mom. I love being a wife. I love serving the community with a newspaper. But some days are really hard. Some days are really stressful. Somedays I dont want to do any of those things.

Today I am still fighting a cold, the kids are still fighting a cold, my husband is fighting a cold. I have phone calls to return, emails to return, new emails to send out, snail mail to send out, oh, and four children to take care of.

I dont want to do any of it. I want to crawl in to bed and sleep.

But that’s not a choice. So I am trying my best to keep the children, who by the way are not acting sick with the exception of profusely coughing, alive and get something on my list accomplished.

These children that I love are driving me crazy. They dont want to sit and watch a movie, they dont want to play nicely, they dont want to color quietly. All they want to do is fight with each other, tell at everyone and everything, and bounce of the freaking walls, literally.

At 2:00 I finally sent them outside. Maybe the fresh air will help their coughs because trying to get them to relax wasnt happening.

That’s when something amazing happened. It was the only part of the day I got to see my children completely happy, playing nicely, not yelling. The only thing that would have made it better is if I would have felt better and could have joined them.

Sometimes I get too worried about trying to look after them that I end up stressed and they end up miserable. Sometimes I just need to roll with it. They might be sick, but they are still children, who have energy and need an outlet. Go outside and quit driving me crazy while the weather is still decent!


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