To Sell or Not to Sell

Over the last 6 weeks we have been trying to sell the home we have shared for the past 13 years. The home Ben and I welcomed all four of children to, and the only home we have ever called ours.

We worked for 2.5 weeks to get everything ready. Fixing where the dog had chewed, painting where we had patched drywall, getting rid of wallpaper to make the space more appealing, weeding the gardens I hadn’t found time for all summer. A lot of work. A lot of late nights (the only time we seemed to be able accomplish our tasks were after the kids were in bed).


We have been extremely emotional about the process. We didn’t want to sell the house yet. We didn’t want to move our family from the only life they had known to a trailer while we figured out how to move forward and give them the life we wanted to give them.

But that was what the bank said we needed to do. So we listed our house. We received and accepted an offer after the house was on the market for 1.5 days. But then the day of the inspection the buyer changed their mind, and walked away.

We were back on the market. With a steady stream of two or three showings every day. But no offers. So we decided to drop the price. Finally on day 13 we received our second offer, and accepted it. Three days later the buyer also changed their mind. We received no explanation. No insight as to what had happened or what we could fix to move forward.

An interested buyer asked us to not put the house back up until they could see it, which was encouraging. But didn’t think it would suit their needs after walking through the house.

We have had two more open houses and at least 2-3 showings per day…. we are still waiting.

Anyone want to buy a really awesome home?


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