Working Towards Building a Dream

Here is a recap of 2018, trying to build a house.
In January/February I was very pregnant with baby number 4, experiencing lost of side effects (maybe more on that later). My husband, Ben, and I had been working on custom house plans for over a year. We had two reputable small companies quote them out and decided on one. We were excited! We started the process with the bank to get preapproval for what we needed and then continued to go through the financing process for a construction loan. We were told that we wouldn’t have a problem. We were told that we just needed one more document or one more piece of information. We were told that everything was going to come together. So, in April our builder started.
We were full of giddy excitement as we watched those first couple of months as slow progress was made. A hole was dug.

Then forms were put up.

Then we had a basement.

It was a dream. Everything that we had been working so hard for was forming in front of our eyes. But behind the scenes at the bank there were problems, they needed more than documents, and everything wasn’t coming together. We were finally told that we could no longer progress until things were settled at the bank. And the bank now wanted us to sell the home our family home in order to come up with the cash they wanted to close the loan.

We were devastated to say the least. We didn’t know where we would live, whether we could get the amount of money the bank wanted, or how we were going to move forward.

So Ben and I made a plan. We decided we didn’t want to waste our money on an apartment, and every place we called wanted you to sign at least a year lease. We only needed 6 months. We decided we would buy a camper that we could call home while trying to build our forever home. It was long process since we have very specific needs with very little money and everything was selling really fast. But we finally found one.


So here we are. Now if we could just sell the house…. that will be a story for a different day.


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