A Beginning

Welcome! My name is Danica.
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It has been a long, hard summer to say the very least. A hard last two years really, but that is a long list of stories for another day. But over the last few weeks it has begun to hit me that we are walking a tight rope towards everything we have been working so hard for (more on that later). I am an emotional wreck. I have had several people tell me to start a blog to document everything that we are encountering.

At first I thought, “Like I have time for a blog.” But after some more thought I realized it could be the perfect opportunity to document the highs, lows, happiness, struggles, ridiculousness and contentment that we are striving and fighting for every day.

I also thought this could be a place where I can simply just be me with my love of my family, books, cooking, cleaning, writing, singing….. every facet of who I am. So I don’t know how often I am going to write yet, but I am going to write. I am going to use this as a means of therapy you might say. If you want to follow along, I welcome you on this journey.



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