Update as Summer begins

Wow, life has been a whirlwind. Construction is well under way. We have walls, electrical, plumbing, we have sheetrock, and mudding is happening. We should be able to paint soon!

Cabinets are here and ready to be delivered whenever we are ready and I have gotten to make a lot of choices for items like flooring and lights to go in the house. I can see it coming together in my mind. I am just waiting for all of those things to be installed.

Sabriel just finished up first grade. Wow had did that happen! So summer break has officially begun. We are ready for some time outside and the kids are already begging to invade grandmas pool.

Along with that the newspapers are taking a lot of attention. This is usually our busy season, so I am scrambling to keep up with everything and everyone. We are at the point where more hand would be helpful, but can’t really afford it yet. So I am filling in as much as I can to keep things going.

But I am feeling a little overwhelmed, a little behind, and a little like nothing is getting my focus or best effort. There is just too much!

I finally broke down and hired a babysitter so I can have a couple of hours each day to try and focus. I am really struggling with the amount of time I need to take away from the kids to give to the newspaper. I want them to be my priority, but we also need our business to do well to pay the bills. It’s been a constant struggle for me. I am hoping that the couple hours will allow me to focus more on what is in front of me instead of constantly trying to work while interacting with the kiddos. I will let you know is that helps my anxiety or not. Am I the only one feeling this way?

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