You Never Know

Today was a true experience.My children love to gather things and draw things and then give them to those that are around them. Whether it be family, friends, the server at the restaurant, or strangers.

It has always bothered me a little because I feel as though they are burdening those who are receiving their “gift”. Not everyone wants a stack of items from child.

But today my daughter decided she was going to hang the flowers she had lovingly chosen and picked up off the ground to the receptionist at the hotel who was helping us check out.

The woman, Symone it think was her name, burst into tears. She then proceeded to tell us he niece had passed away that morning in Germany.

She walked around the counter, and asked to hug my daughter.I said absolutely, and all of my kind hearted children took turns standing holding this complete stranger in her time of woe.

I couldn’t have been more proud of them. Couldn’t have appreciated their random kindness more. I could, absolutely, see God’s hand guiding them to give some light to this womans dark day.

It has made think that I need to look within myself more to not squelch the kindness that my children are freely giving to others. Someone may need it, and who I am to decide that?

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