Bless this Mess

For all my aspirations of having a place for everything and a mostly orderly, clean house once we moved in, that doesn’t seem to be the way it is working out.

And my anxiety over the mess is in full force the last couple of days. I am piled in work I have to get done before the papers go to print, so I can’t stop and take an hour to clean. Eventhough I really want to, because this is my view.

And that’s after I picked some things up to continue piling on the garbage. I want a nice clean house, but I also have this view.

Two of the four beautiful children that make memories and messes, well constantly. And although I am trying to teach them to clean up after themselves and they have chores to do, I simply can not take the appropriate time to teach those things, nor do I have the patience when I have three publications 1/2 finished that go to print tonight.

So I am trying to think of all the blessings I have in this mess, and not that the mess is driving me crazy and making it hard to focus on all the work I must do.

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