Highs and Lows

Parenting can be frustrating and so rewarding. And did I mention frustrating?

We have been having a very up and down afternoon/evening today. All morning was pretty calm. I was able to get some cleaning done, some cooking done, some work done. It was a pretty good morning.

Around 3 o’clock the oldest two girls are supposed to start getting ready for gymnastics. That was a struggle. Everytime I sent them to get dressed, they started playing. They finally get dressed and dont want to let me put their hair up. I ask 12 times for them to put shoes and coats on, finally when I was standing next to one of them pretty much screaming before they would acknowledge my existence so we could walk out the door, I decided i was done. No gymnastics. Go clean your rooms.

We finish dinner and the kids are all about helping. They clear the table, empty the dishwasher, one reloads the dishwasher, the other dries and puts handwashing away, one vacuums while the other spot cleans the floor. It was really nice. I let all four kids snuggle and watch a show before bed to show my appreciation of their efforts.

Then I walk upstairs to put them all to bed to find the play room like this;

One of the sofa pillows had a hole in it and they decided to spread the stueffing eeverywhere. I mean this is just the play room, but there is white fluff acfross the entire upstairs kid zone.

I will admit it is partially my fault for miplacing the hardware and not being able to put the sofa together for them in the 3 weeks we have been in the house. But seriously!! I just finally got enough things unpacked and put away to be able to cook and feel like we aren’t surrounder by crap.

So… instead of staying up to make the pumpkin rolls the kiddos wanted for breakfast, I will be restuffing sofa cushions and hopefully putting it together so that I do t need to do this again tomorrow.


One thought on “Highs and Lows

  1. Those naughty monkeys! I am so sorry I thought Dundee had done the dastardly deed! An Italian comedian Pat Cooper once said that his mother made this comment.. she said..”Some a day you are gonna have many a children..and I hopa to God they do to you what you dida to me!” I am really glad that you understand how kids think. However they did help with some of the chores so they are not all bad…hugs from Aunt Terry


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