8 Amazing Years

My husband and I “celebrated” our 8th wedding anniversary.

I say that in quotes because my husband and I only saw each other for a few minutes on our anniversary. And we didnt go out a different night or plan anything special. I worked and took care of our children while he worked and then went to his job as a councilman.

It was just another day in our life together. And as I thought about that, it didnt upset me like it might some.

It was another day of him being supportive, encouraging, and plain wonderful. I’m not saying that every day is perfect, but what is one day when we have our entire lives?

I have always thought it was so silly for someone to put so much stock in celebrating special days. Inevitably, those days are awful. Full of expectation and upset when things go wrong.

My husband is amazing. Everyday he works for me, he supports me, he does all he can for our lives to be as good as possible. With all that he does everyday, one day could never be more than that. I feel his love every day and I couldn’t ask for more than that.

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